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Does this sound familiar?
It’s a rainy Monday morning and you’re on your way to work. You usually stop by the dry cleaners. Maybe you’re drinking some coffee or talking on your cell phone and drive right by. Running late, you don’t turn around, making a mental note to stop on your way home. But, you forget again and finally make it there the next day. On Thursday it’s ready, but working late puts you in a rush to get to the cleaner before close. You don’t make it...

Don’t live the above scenario! Enjoy the convenience of our Home Delivery Service instead.

The Cleaner Cleaner Express Bag

When you become a route customer for The Cleaner Cleaner Home Delivery Service, you will receive a sturdy garment bag for your dirty clothes. We’ll leave another one for you each time we pick up your clothes.

Choose Your Delivery Location

Tell us where to pick up and deliver your clothes, whether it’s at your front, side, or back door, in the garage or with the concierge.

Personalized Garment Care

We’ll ask you about your care instructions and preferences. We keep your choices in our database and refer to them every time we process an order for you. That way, your garments will always be cleaned exactly how you want. Of course, you can always provide “special care” instructions with any pickup.

Convenient Schedules

We’ll come to your home once or twice a week according to your delivery schedule. When you have garments to be cleaned, leave your garment bag at your designated location on your scheduled days, and your garment bag will be picked up. Also, your professionally cleaned, ready-to-wear clothes will be returned to you. If you have a special need, call us to make arrangements.

No-Hassle Payments

We automatically charge your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card for your cleaning when it is delivered.

No Minimum Orders

The Cleaner Cleaner will happily come to your home, no matter the size of your order. We do not require a minimum order size.

Call 847-965-3567 to find out what days we provide service in your area.


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