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Q.   Does The Cleaner Cleaner charge a fee for Home Delivery Service?
A. No. Pickup and delivery is FREE; you pay only the price of cleaning.
Q. Where do you pick up and drop off my clothes?
A. You choose the location at your home where you would like your clothes picked up and dropped off.
Q. What type of bag should I put my clothes in for pickup?
A. We provide our regular route customers with a durable garment bag at no charge. When we pick up your order, we will leave you with another garment bag for your next order.
Q. Do I have to be at home when the drop off or pickup is made?
A. No. There is no need to be home to use the service. We will pickup or deliver your clothes to the designated location.
Q. How will I know my scheduled drop off and pickup days?
A. Your schedule will be arranged when your account is set up. Let us know your preferences.
Q. How do I pay for the service?
A. Your cleaning will be charged directly to your credit card when your cleaned clothes are delivered.
Q. How can I contact The Cleaner Cleaner?
A. When you sign up for Home Delivery Service, you will receive your Customer Service Rep’s cell phone number. Call your rep directly to ask questions or make special arrangements.
Q. How do I tell The Cleaner Cleaner about a special request for garment care?
A. Simply write down the special instructions and insert the note into the plastic pouch on your garment bag. Download Special Care Form. Please identify the specific garment — by color, fabric type and/or label if possible. If you have any questions, simply call your Customer Service Rep or 847-965-3567.
Q. How do I change my personal information and/or preferences?
A. Simply call your Customer Service Rep or 847-965-3567.
Q. What if I have a problem with my order after I get my clothes back?
A. Simply call your Customer Service Rep or 847-965-3567.
Q. How do I sign up?
A. Call 847-965-3567 to let us know you want The Cleaner Cleaner Home Delivery Service! Or, click the link below to sign up now.


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