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Wet cleaning. Better for you and the environment.

Health advocates, researchers, and environmentalists have been working for years to find an effective alternative to perchloroethylene, or perc — the primary chemical solvent used to dry clean clothes. A number of domestic and international organizations have classified perc as both a hazardous air pollutant and a probable carcinogen.

The growing evidence that perc can cause damage to our health and the environment is making many people think differently about dry cleaning. Now there’s a better choice... Wet cleaning. This “green” method is becoming increasingly popular for those who want a safer way of cleaning their clothes.

Wet cleaning is a non-toxic alternative to dry cleaning, utilizing computer-controlled washing machines, plain water, biodegradable soaps and conditioners, and various types of drying and pressing equipment specialized for many different fabrics and fiber types including wool suits, silk dresses and wedding gowns.

The first step in wet cleaning is a close inspection of a garment or household item for dirt and stains. Then, depending on the item’s fabric and soiling, a cleaning technician decides how to treat it. A garment may be washed in a high-tech washing machine that regulates water temperature and agitation, spot cleaned, steamed, hand washed, or a combination of those processes.

Technicians also choose from several methods of drying, including drying cabinets and computer-controlled dryers that carefully monitor moisture content. After cleaning and drying, garments are pressed and finished to perfection with techniques similar to those used by dry cleaners.

Great news! Even with all its advantages, the cost for you to have your clothes wet cleaned is no greater than dry cleaning. And, by taking advantage of our FREE home pick up and delivery service, chances are you may spend less than if you had to run the errand yourself.

More benefits: Your preferences are maintained on file and referred to with every order. We deliver your clothes in a re-usable garment bag — no plastic to throw away. We recycle hangers, and if you want your clothes on special hangers (wood, shaped, etc.) we will be happy to use yours.

Choose greener. Choose The Cleaner Cleaner.


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