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Laundry Shirts and Blouses

Shirt on Hanger — Machine Press 2.60
Shirt or Blouse on Hanger — Hand Press 6.25
Wash & Fold Laundry — Price per Pound (25 lb. min.) 1.00
Standard button replacement Free
All microfiber shirts and any shirts with spandex, special trim, fragile buttons or anything else unsuitable for machine washing and machine pressing will be processed by hand and priced as hand press shirts.  

Standard Garments

Suit — Two Piece 14.20
A 2-piece suit includes only a top piece (blazer or blouse) and a
bottom piece (pants or skirt).
Dress — One Piece 12.00
Jacket  /  Blazer  /  Sport Coat 7.95
Shirt  /  Blouse 6.25
Sweater 6.50
Vest 6.25
Pants  /  Skirt 6.25
Shorts / Polo Shirt /  T-Shirt 6.25
Coat, Heavy or Long 16.00
Coat, 3/4 Length 14.00
Tie 7.00
Scarf 7.00


Small Repairs (Each) 5.00
For customer convenience, certain small repairs are provided without asking, for a nominal fee of $2.50 each. These include small seam rips (less than 1 inch), clasps, hooks, eyes, snaps, and belt loops.  
Hems and Cuffs Tacked Free

Bedding & Linens

Blanket  /  Throw 16.00
Comforter 24.50
Down Comforter 35.00
Sleeping Bag 24.50
Standard Down Pillow 28.00
We clean all of the above, plus lots more! Call 847-965-3567 for info and prices on additional items.  


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